Paul Geithner’s 1968 Triumph Spitfire mk3

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This is my 1968 Triumph Spitfire, which I purchased in February, 2005.  My oldest son and I are rebuilding it together.  As of late 2007, we have modified and rebuilt the suspension, overhauled and fixed the brakes and electrical systems, aligned the doors, bonnet and other body pieces, and replaced the old engine with a remachined one and got it running on the road.  An overdrive 4-synchro transmission with D-type overdrive has been installed, and this car needs it! 

The paint job you see is temporary, and accomplished with rattle cans of spray paint.  The scheme is modeled after the racing Spitfires that ran so successfully at LeMans in the mid 1960s, and we intend to finish the car off with the same basic paint scheme. 



1600 lbs (w/o driver)

peak torque: TBD ft-lbs @ xxxx rpm (est.)

peak power: TBD bhp at xxxx rpm (est.)

acceleration (0 to 60 mph): TBD seconds

1/4 mile: TBD seconds

fuel economy: 27 mpg; frequent commuter car

lateral acceleration: TBD


1296 cc displ
acement, 9.5:1 compression, balanced

remachined block (s/n FE20781E), standard polished crank, pinned thrust washers

stock flat-top pistons and wrist pins on stock connecting rods

stock flywheel

stock head (p/n 515573), shaved

ARP head studs, bronze valve guides, 3-angle valve grind

stock rocker arms on Tuftrided rocker shaft, stock push rods

TSI275-4 grind cam (275° duration, 0.425” valve lift; see Triumph Spitfire cam specs) w/ stock valve springs

stock Lucas 25D4 distributor with Pertronix Ignitor® 1149C ignition module and stock coil

custom fab’d Accel® spark plug wires

13° BTDC spark advance at 1000 rpm idle (w/ vacuum advance disconnected to set idle timing)

15W-40 API CI-4/SL motor oil

Fuel & Carburetion:

stock twin S.U. HS-2 carbs w/ Grose-Jet float bowl jets

AAE needles and "red" dashpot springs w/ 10W-40 motor oil for dashpots


U.K. version 4 - 2 - 1 cast iron manifold/steel downpipe combo

custom fab’d 1 3/4 inch exhaust pipe

DynoMax Thrush Turbo II oval muffler w/ 2 inch offset inlet, 2 inch center outlet

(Summit Racing p/n WLK-17702)

Heating & cooling:

22“ wide radiator from a stock Spitfire 1500, stock mk3 fan w/ 180°F thermostat

stock passenger compartment heater


new clutch kit (clutch/pressure plate/throw-out bearing)

rebuilt 4 synchro 3-rail transmission w/ D-type overdrive (s/n FH8563)

using 30 wt non-detergent motor oil

stock non-O/D sliding-shaft type driveshaft shortened 3.5 inches for O/D

stock 4.11:1 differential w/ 80W/90 sulphur-free gear oil

suspension & brakes:


300 lb/inch, 9 inch free length coil springs by QA1

(results in 7 inch installed coil length with car resting on level ground, lowering the front by about 1 inch from stock for improved suspension geometry and overall level stance)

Koni “Special” shocks (p/n 80-1388)

7/8” anti-sway bar from a stock Spitfire 1500

wheel alignment: -1.5° Camber, 3.5° Caster, zero Toe

standard rotors, brake pads, calipers and brake lines


modified mk3 transverse leaf assembly (dearched 1.5” by mixing and matching leaves)

Joe Curry’s Kastner design camber compensator

new stock shocks 

wheel alignment: -3° Camber, 1/32” Toe-in

stock brake drums, standard brake shoes and brake lines

wheels & tires:

13x5.5” stock steel TR7 wheels w/ Spitfire 1500 hub caps

Sumitomo HTR 200 185/60-HR13 tires (380/A/A rating)

35 psi inflation pressure

frame & body:

Temporary paint job using spray cans of lacquer (“True Blue” and “White”)


AC-Delco 7127-9 alternator and aftermarket chrome alternator bracket

Group-58 size battery


Work in progress

retracting shoulder and lap belts from Spitfire 1500


click image for more photos