Paul Geithner’s Triumph Spitfire

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books and magazines:

Haynes Manuals for the Triumph Spitfire, GT6, S.U. and Weber Carburetors

Bentley Service Manuals

Performance Tuning in Theory and Practice, by A. Graham Bell

Tuning Standard Triumphs over 1300 cc, by David Vizard

Theory and Practice of Cylinder Head Modification, by David Vizard

How to Build, Modify & Power Tune Cylinder Heads, by Burgess and Gollan

S.U. Carburetter Manual, by Interauto (ISBN 0-903192-25-X)

Tuning To Win: A Performance Guide to Fuel and Ignition Tuning, by Don Gould

How to Make Your Car Handle, by Fred Puhn

Carroll Smith’s Tune to Win, Prepare To Win, and Engineer To Win

Kas Kastner’s books about Triumph racing and preparation

A Guide to Racing Your Triumph Spitfire or GT6, by Jon Wolfe

Triumph Spitfire Mk 1 to 1500 Official Competition Preparation Manual

Triumph Spitfire and GT6, by Graham Robson

Triumph Spitfire & GT6: A Guide to Originality, by John Thomason

Triumph Spitfire Gold Portfolio, published by Brooklands Books

Sports Car and Competition Driving, by Paul Frère

Welder's Handbook, by Richard Finch and Tom Monroe - HP Books

Custom Painting Tips & Techniques, published by Brooklands Books

How To Restore Classic Car Body Work, by Martin Thaddeus

Practical Classics magazine on Spitfire Restoration

Grassroots Motorsports magazine

Classic Motorsports magazine

Spitfire & GT6 magazine

Triumph World magazine


Transmission and overdrive diagrams

Got Clunk? It could be the following things…

Overdrive vs. 5-speed—what I’ve learned

MintyLamb rpm and roadspeed calculator

Spitfire and GT6 propshaft lengths

Removing a tranny from inside the car w/out removing the engine

Replacing U-joints

suspension & brakes:

Spitfire & GT6 spring info (part numbers, spring rates, wheel rates, roll stiffness)

Spitfire & GT6 front suspension mods

Front coil spring calculator of spring free length as a function of stiffness and target ride height

Anti-Roll Bars (ARBs, a.k.a. anti-sway bars)

Understanding Spitfire & GT6 rear suspensions

Rear Lowering Block

Camber Compensator for fixed transverse leaf springs

Swing vs. Fixed transverse leaf springs

Got a sagging rear? Renew the leaf spring buttons

Rotoflex/IRS vs. Swing Axles

Dampers (a.k.a. shock absorbers)


wheels & tires:

Wheel and Tire size calculator/comparator w/ graphics

Alignment Basics

How Alignment affects Handling

Adapting stock steel 13x5.5” TR7 wheels for the Spitfire

Upgrading to stronger, longer wheel studs

Spitfire wheel and tire options

frame & body:

Got Rust? Some thoughts on rust removal and passivation

“Adding Lightness”

Converting a 1500 to the “early” bumper look

Reinforcing your anti-sway bar mountings

Bolts, nuts and other fasteners

Replace your folding bonnet prop rod with gas struts

Color references: and


Stock GENERATOR to AC-Delco alternator conversion

Driving lights


Making your own door panels, bulkheads and trim

Refinishing and customizing the dash, adding gauges

Thoughts about carpet

A remedy that keeps your soft top frame from pinching the soft top when it’s stowed

Center armrest modified into a flip-top storage compartment and armrest

hidden AM/FM antenna

Custom shift knobs w/ LED indicator overdrive switches